Saturday, April 3, 2010

good friday

I have never attended a Good Friday Service. A year ago last year I was not feeling well and missed an incredible service at our church which was also accompanied by a tremendous thunderstorm that people are still talking about today. It was literally completely dark and scary as everyone left. I think the darkness of my sin and pain hit my soul in a unique way last night. I was overwhelmed with his sacrifice and love. I think also seeing and facing pain and loss in my life now makes me grasp another side of pain that Christ died for. Christ knew the brokenness of this world and that so much would go wrong. So much would be painful, hurtful, and leave us devastated. Christ entered into the mess that we all live in today but to give us hope. Thank goodness that even though our world is still so flawed, we have hope, grace and deep sacrificial love.
Off to hunt East Eggs with the girls. Lets hope they can at least get a few so they won't be devastated..
much love..

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