Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a NO barbie day here

Life can be much harder than you think when it comes to taking away barbies.. Well, it happen today!
Oh yes.. ellie was with a sitter last night during our community group and she ended up causing most to all the problems last night. Not usual for her but not surprised, ya know? So anyway... I told her last night that there would be a consequence for her behavior. So the result, NO BARBIES! Ahhhhhh No Momma, not the barbies! Her response was so theatrical, but also sad for a mom to see. Its that deep mom thing that we have, where for a split second I wanted to say ok.. I am now showing you grace like Jesus showed us grace, so now go play with your barbies, but the mentoring from elder moms kicked in and it was a done deal. It was like I picked the perfect thing to prove my carry through, but from her perspective it could not have been worse. At times it was so dramatic that I had to turn my head and chuckle but as the day carried on we are more stable. Afternoon snacks have been handed out and a little PBS kids is always good for the whole house. So it felt good to follow through, it really did... Proud of me. Maybe this will give me an edge will my elle belle this week...Obey momma or she will take all the toys away forever.. ha ha....

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