Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ellie the Kindergartner

Oh boy and deep breath. Just returned home from Ellie's elementary School where she will be attending in August. She was so very excited to pick out clothes and go with our sweet neighbors next door. This big event was called "Kindergarten Roundup" and all of the soon to be school attenders had the opportunity to go into the current Kindergarten classes and hang with them for about 45 minutes. When she was put in her group to head back to the classrooms ellie was the leader of her group. As she walked passed me leading the other timid kids my heart melted, I was on the verge of all out tears and chills. She is the baby... all grown up and sweetly waved at me as she passed. I am a proud momma today. Ellie is my tenderhearted child that feels so deeply and will be a gentle leader.. Working on the gentle part of course but Oh so very proud and a little sad that this is really happening.. She could not be more ready. Kindergarten already? really.. Ok here go. Love you elle belle.

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