Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A beautiful mess...

I came into my den and I just paused to think about what we even call this room? Den really? I sound Iike my mom.. that is what we called the family room growing up.. Anyway, the room with the couch in it. :) I came into that room that is connected to where our playroom is. I turned on the light only to find a huge mess. Barbies in the doll house, dolls on the kiddy table with play food everywhere. Dress up clothes sprinkled around in every square inch of the room. In the past months I have struggled with this as a mom. I don't laugh at big messes well. I have mom friends that seriously handle messes well and much better than I. But lately I struggle in feeling very frustrated and then upset when messes don't get cleaned up. To put it plain. I see my sin here. I want to have a controlled house and be in control. Funny fact in all of this is I am not a neat freak. As a kid always messy room.. I am a creatively minded one not orderly. Bryan can attest that I am the messiest cook and baker. I like control so there is the kicker.

So lets go back to me entering into the playroom with the mess. I stopped and felt oh so convicted. This mess was not because my girls were being disobedient. I had not asked them to clean up tonight but instead the mess was evidence of their little lives and them enjoying the toys and things they love the best. These are a few of their favorite things in life all sprinkled in the floor. There life here at home has a lot to do with this room. I am a sinful momma for sure. I needed a little face pop. Embrace this mess it is evidence of your sweet girls and their need to be messy and adventurous. After dinner that room was full of bryan and the girls plus rosebud all rough housing and ellie doing pretend taekwondo. Seeing my sinful controlling heart is hard. Knowing my sin effects them is even harder. That was a gentle nudge from the Lord tonight. thankful for the nudge of conviction and forgiveness. Oh and I left the room a mess, good reminder for me and I will need that reminder early in the morn when I walk back in there.. remind my heart of these things Lord. :) oh dear.

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