Monday, September 27, 2010

A test.. and a big day.

Friends.. I am sitting up late tonight.. needing that bed desperately but knowing that tomorrow is a big day...
Bryan and I are going in for the amnio at 8am. The test result will be in by dinner time tomorrow night. If the test shows his lungs are fully developed... C-section on Wednesday.. Please pray for my appointment in the morning. All along the past months I have tried to cling tightly to the Lord's hand with each Dr.'s visit and tomorrow's visit will be no different. Please pray for all to go smoothly and for my rest and hope to be in the Lord. Thankful to have b with me and to have his hand to hold.
Thankful that we are at this point but also so many emotions.. Thankful I can give them all to the Lord.
climbing in bed now and covet your prayers..
thank you and love...

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  1. I am late in reading this, but I am praying! Keep us posted as to what they tell you tonight!
    Praising God for His faithfulness to your family today!