Tuesday, July 13, 2010

moving disorientation

Who am I again? Seriously I don't think I have been this bewildered by a move ever. It has been so exhausting emotionally and physically. On top of that I am 6 months pregnant and have hormonal upswings that need confessing quite regularly. Our chicks, are still adjusting, which I knew would play apart but maybe wanted to ignore until it actually happened. So, we have landed a big 5 blocks away from where we were and so thankful for our the new house. It is cute yet challenging. 1,075 sq feet and full of personality. We had enough toys to fill every closet in this house. So we have purged until it hurt and then purged some more. I think we bought about 30 plastic bins to put the things we wanted to keep yet had no room for. So, lets just say it's been challenging and similar to my 6 weeks experience overseas in a 3rd world country.. at times we had no hot water, no ice cubes, no internet..
The term, "rolling with it" has taken on new meaning. I feel like I can "roll" with the best of them, so it has been very challenging.I had a breaking point tonight where I just was over stepping over things, around things, just it all became a little much... an at the end of the rope tired and I think I need that downfall to reorient myself to reality. One day things will all be painted, decorated, and organized and probably still things to do.. contentment, where are you?? Come quickly!!! That is honestly my prayer these days.. patience and contentment. Big heart issues.. we all got them, right?
night for now, time to rest. Ahhh


  1. Girl, I HATE moving. Atleast it was just 5 blocks away. I promise it gets better. I don't know when exactly but it does happen.

  2. So sorry, Amanda! I wish I was there to take your girls for a few days so you can just rest and organize what you want. Moving is SO stressful! I remember from classes in college it is one of the top life-stressors! Praying God would blanket you with peace, love, joy, and contentment! We just moved, so I feel ya for sure!!!!!

  3. I, too, know how tough it is to move when pregnant! We moved to Hartwell when I was 7 mths pregnant and my husband had a broken leg. Talk about challenging! (1 was planned, the other not!) You'll get it all done - try not to worry too much. Patience and contentment are also my prayers right now...