Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soooo good. good for the heart and soul.

I have been reading. Yes! I have found this hidden place somewhere down deep where I have always been a reader but perhaps never still long enough to figure that out?? I am really enjoying to read. So much so that I finished a crazy good love story about vampires all of which was over 800 pages! Proud of me. I jumped on the late Twilight party bus, but that is not what is sooo good for the soul. Although I did really enjoy that book.

Ann Voskamp's new book One Thousand Gifts...A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I am gleaming wonderful truths from this endearing book and I have only really just begun. Actually about to jump in bed and read it now. You don't have to wait to connect with Ann. Her blog, The Holy Experience, has been a delightful daily read.
My heart felt harpooned by today's post.

Her words about feasting on the mysterious as did the Israelites on the manna... Grieving and processing with the attempt to feast on the mysteries of my loss or the awareness of sin in our world everyday. What can and does that look like? Processing those tender words tonight.. What a great topic to discuss with the Lord when I get all still and quiet. :) Click on over there and get quiet with me..

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