Monday, January 25, 2010

Its me.. just me... finally able to blog!

It has been what feels like weeks since I have blogged! Oh so overdue for me. With a life that seems to never be short of drama, you have to have those places to vent, ya know? So I am here and it feels great. It is hard work thinking of a blog name and it not being too cheesy or too serious.. It has to be just right. I want it to be a little of everything and speak truth into what my life is. So that is why the blog title has to fit me. So Sunday at church as we were singing, we came to a verse of a new song during worship. It was actually not a new song but a verse of an old song that I didn't know. It was the chorus... Here we go.

"We give it all.

Please take; it's all we have.

Remake it. All we have is yours, Redeeming God.

In between telling my oldest to not dance around in her seat, the word remake struck me and fit me all it the same time.
So without further need to ramble.. I have me a blog.

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